Low dose, snack size microwave potcorn mini-bags.

Pop-Up Potcorn: Cannabis Popcorn

satisfyingly snackable

Unlike many edibles with small portion sizes, our low dose, single serving mini-bags let you enjoy a fully satisfying snack without worrying about overindulging.

0 g
0 g

1 Bag:

189 Calories

26g Net Carbs

4g Protein

Available in 3 Cannabis-infused blends.

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Sea Salt Flavor Potcorn

Tastes Like

Stove popped potcorn with a light sea salt flavor. No GMOs or artificial flavoring ingredients. Our potcorn tastes fresh and natural.

Feels Like

Potcorn comes in 3 different blends to deliver a cannabis experience right for each individual. Learn more


Organic popcorn, organic palm oil, sea salt, cannabinoid extract (quantity varies per blend)

“The taste is on par with the best
tasting popcorns I’ve experienced and
the effects are calming and lasting.”



10 mg CBD

Our CBD popcorn may enhance feelings of calmness making it an ideal choice for health and wellness snackers.


10 mg THC

Our THC-infused popcorn uses a hybrid cannabis oil that is a perfect pairing for movie nights or time with friends.


5/5 mg CBD + THC

Our 1:1 infused popcorn provides a balanced edible experience with a subtle THC effects.

Popped some Potcorn yourself?
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“This popcorn succeeds with a particularly tasty marijuana-butter concoction, and the 10-milligram single-serving packs a punch much stronger than its promised billing.”

— JOE KUKURA, SF evergreen

Potcorn Hacks

Upgrade your microwave potcorn with this Rosemary + Aleppo pepper recipe.

Upgrade your microwave potcorn with this rosemary and Aleppo pepper recipe.

Curious about Pop-Up Potcorn in your dispensary?

Pop-Up Potcorn merges the experience of fresh, hot popcorn with cannabis.

We provide a convenient and consistent savory cannabis edible with a satisfying portion size in relation to cannabis quantity using sustainable ingredients

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