7 Amazing Hacks to Turn Microwave Popcorn into Deluxe Gourmet Treats

Turn a basic bag of popcorn into a culinary delight.

We collaborated with Monica Lo of Sous Weed to create these awesome microwave popcorn hacks. Try these recipes with any home popped popcorn or use Pop-Up Potcorn to add an extra dimension of excellence.

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1. Brown Butter Sage & Toasted Garlic Potcorn


2. Potcorn Grits with Curried Shrimp


3. Pumpkin Spice Brittle


4. Rosemary & Aleppo Pepper Potcorn Party Mix


5. Rosemary and Salted Caramel Potcorn Balls

6. Salted Caramel Potcorn Popsicles


7. Sweet Corn Soup with Crispy Pancetta & Potcorn