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Microwave potcorn

It’s hot.
It’s steamy.

And oh, so corny.

Turn up the heat at the beep with our microwave potcorn bags.

Available in 3 cannabis-infused blends

Calories per bag
0 g
0 g

10 mg THC

Pop some buzz

1 MG CBD : 10 MG THC 


Pop some harmony

5 MG CBD : 5 MG THC 

20 mg CBD

Pop some chill

20 MG CBD : 1 MG THC 

Pop some more potcorn

Available in THC multipacks

30 mg THC

3 THC mini-bags per multipack
Entire package contains 30 MG THC : 3 MG CBD

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Our popcorn is made with healthy ingredients and infused with sun-grown cannabis oil from California. 

Skip the beep with our ready-to-eat potcorn

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