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Pop-Up Potcorn Reviewed in SF Evergreen

Pop-Up Potcorn Reviewed in SF Evergreen

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So thrilled we were part of this piece by Joe Kukura in SF Evergreen

Spliffy Pop

Marijuana-infused Pop-Up Potcorn pops the bubble of microwave mediocrity for an exceptionally tasty and terrific treat.

Popcorn overeaters nationwide debate whether microwave popcorn is toxic garbage or a perfectly yummy alternative to movie theater popcorn. But a new, cannabis-infused microwave popcorn packs a crazy-delicious formula that equals movie-theater popcorn quality —  and also gets you deeply and profoundly high while you’re chowing it down.

Pop-Up Potcorn is a novel and uniquely delectable microwave popcorn coming to Bay Area dispensaries next month. This critic assumed that nothing would ever be as tasty as previous cannabis-infused popcorn offerings from Auntie Dolores and Korova Edibles. But oh, were we blown away by Pop-Up Potcorn’s incomparably potent cannabis composition and flavoring.

Turns out, microwave popcorn doesn’t usually suck only because it’s microwave popcorn. It sucks because it uses crappy, unhealthful oils from giant mass-production factories. Pop-Up Potcorn, meanwhile, experimented at length to formulate the most flavorful, potent recipe possible.

Pop-Up Potcorn looks, cooks, and behaves like any normal bag of microwave popcorn. But the manufacturer has formulated an immaculately delicious mix in which you can totally taste the marijuana flavor expertly blended into the buttery recipe.

This popcorn succeeds with a particularly tasty marijuana-butter concoction, and the 10-milligram single-serving packs a punch much stronger than its promised billing. This potcorn’s cannabis distillate comes from Weird Science Labs, whose pure formulations deliver highs above and beyond their labeled doses that hit your system in exceptionally quick fashion.

Pop-Up Potcorn’s top-notch infused microwave popcorn pulls off a seasoning coup with a mix of high-quality palm oil and a well-measured infusion of gourmet sea salt. The makers clearly cared more about flavor than mass-production efficiency, and it shows in their painstakingly developed microwave popcorn recipe.

Pop-Up Potcorn’s kernels are all grown in California, and they’re certified organic and free of any genetically modified organisms. Those distinctions may or may not mean anything to the microwave popcorn crowd, but it’s a nice thing to know.

Sure, Pop-Up Potcorn is probably not as good as a bowl of fresh popcorn seasoned by a true expert in cannabis butter preparation. But most of us are not true experts in cannabis butter preparation, and we never will be. This Potcorn is an excellent low-maintenance, five-star infused treat for those of us who are complete butterfingers in the kitchen.

Potency: Fasten your seat belts. The 10-milligram serving is deceptively dank, and one person consuming the whole bag will feel like they’ve ingested a 40- or 50-milligram high.

Smell: Not at all weed-y, just the standard microwave popcorn scent.

Taste: Vastly better than most microwave popcorns! A recognizable marijuana taste is rarely so flavorful.

Appearance: Just like a fresh-popped bag of Orville’s, Newman’s Own, or Pop Secret, with no visible particles of marijuana.

Medical Application: Streaming service and chill on a Friday night.

Effect: Not to sound corny, but give this potcorn a pop and it may instantly become one of your favorite edible snacks.


Sava Delivery and at local dispensaries in July.


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