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Stoner Movie Review: Dazed and Confused

Stoner Movie Review: Dazed and Confused

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Have you watched Dazed and Confused recently? Have you watched it after eating a bag of 10:1 10 mg THC Potcorn, and then tried to write a movie review? It’d be a lot cooler if you did, but you might not end up with a “movie review.” Nothing pairs better with a classic stoner movie than some Potcorn, and this Richard Linklater classic made for a fun night. Be forewarned, this is not your typical movie review.

The film is set in 1976 and opens with Milla Jovovich rolling a joint to an Aerosmith song. The clothing, hairstyles, slang and music all set the perfect 70’s vibe. This was definitely a good movie to choose. Stoned Slater enters. “This whole movie is about weed!” I excitedly exclaim, to no one.

Oh man, I forgot the whole thing revolves around catching and spanking Freshman. It’s kinda messed up. Why would you want to hurt your friend’s siblings? Even the teachers think this is funny, but it’s really mean.

So many bell bottoms. This movie is all about friendship, I realize. Enter a baby faced Matthew McConnoughey, “It’d be a lot cooler if you did.”

Another chase and paddle scene. Damn Ben Affleck, you are too good at being a bully.

I never smashed mailboxes in high school, but I did toilet paper houses. I guess when you’re young you just want to feel alive and free. I loved summer parties on a warm night. This movie does a good job of recreating that feeling. When you’re young you spend all night trying to find a party.

They find the party. This movie is about becoming who you are meant to be, I decide. But what’s with this stoner trying to start fights? What’s with this older “nice guy” and the young girl? And why does the football player have to sign a contract? Nobody quits football, they tell him. In the end, the football star picks Aerosmith tickets over football.

It’s morning. They are all still awake. This movie is all about friendship, I decide. You just gotta keep livin, L-I-V-I-N.

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